Does Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Does Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

Does Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage?

You’ll find that your home insurance product disclosure statement (PDS) does not list termite damage. In addition, according to NAIC (National Association of Insurance Commissioners), many homeowner insurance policies don’t list termite damage in their terms and conditions either.

Why do you think that is so? Does having a termite problem not damage your home? We all know that a termite infestation in your home can completely ruin it. And since most home insurance policies don’t cover it, there must be a valid reason behind it.

If you go over home insurance policies, you will realize that it’s not just termite damage but the damage caused by all insects and pests, which are not covered. This is due to one reason alone; these damages are preventable and avoidable.

If you have a termite problem, this isn’t a problem that can occur overnight/suddenly. It happens gradually, and with regular home inspections, you can avoid the whole termite situation entirely.

However, specialized pest control companies offer home insurance, requiring you to pay for whole termite treatment.
In addition, annual inspections should be expected from such companies too.

So, what should you do if you have termites and do not have your insurance coverage for the damage?

See, here are some solutions for you.

12 May Does Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage?Understand You Insurance Policies Clearlytermite inspection

The first solution for avoiding a situation like this is to understand your insurance policies clearly. You must go through your insurance policies thoroughly to know that insurance coverage is not provided for house damage caused by termites.

Usually, insurance covers a sudden loss or damage caused by an incident or event you could not have foreseen or avoided, such as an accident. With termites, the damage can be prevented through termite treatments.

12 May Does Home Insurance Cover Termite Damage?Regular House Inspections

Another way to prevent termite infestation and damage is by keeping a regular check on your house. If you cannot do it yourself, you can choose specialized companies that offer house inspection services, such as pest control services.

Pest control services can inspect your house and offer you the right treatment if there is a termite situation in your house and help you prevent any damage. So, regularly getting your house inspected can help you avoid a hassle down the road.

You can also inspect your house by yourself and check for leaks, moisture, and signs such as hollow wood. These may provide you with a good idea about a possible termite situation, which you may be able to prevent on time.

Termite Treatment

Sadly, most of us do not keep a regular check on things like this. And this usually leads to a situation when it’s too late to prevent the problem. However, all is not lost even in such situations because treatments are available on the market to get rid of termites.

Depending on the infestation level and your budget, you can go for repelling termites, which will cost you somewhere between $200 and $500. It is the cheapest way on the market, and while it may not completely remove the termite problem, it is still a viable option to control it.

You can choose the termite poisoning option for a better solution, which may cost you somewhere between $400 and $700. However, it is still not a permanent solution.

The best way to ensure that your house is safe from a termite infestation is by a termite barrier service, between $2000 and $3500. Yes, it is pretty expensive! However, getting it done once can help your house stay safe and termite-free for eight years. It is both prevention and cure combined.

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