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Fleas are the common pest issues in houses where pets are present. They not only affect pets but can also bite humans. Fleas are the problem of properties where a previous homeowner had a pet, it then impacts the lives of new buyers as these pests are present in every part of the apartment or home.

Fleas enter a house or building through a carrier pet. It doesn’t discriminate the pet according to breed; these animals can be mice, rabbits, or livestock such as pigs. There is no solution for flea control and removal other than calling professional pest control services like The Local Guys – Pest Control. Flea bites can cause severe discomfort in people and animals as tapeworm and parasites seek into the body through them.

It is suggested to call us for a complete and permanent solution to this problem. We are highly experienced and skilled professionals that are state certified, fully insured and licensed to use advanced gadgets required to accomplish our task. Regardless, our technicians need to participate in ongoing training programs to maintain their efficiency. This feature makes us the best flea removal and control services operating their business.

The Local Guys- Pest Control- the best flea control and removal services

At The Local Guys – Pest Control, we have the best team of professionals who have a great set of knowledge of different species of flea. This information helps us in developing an appropriate pest control and removal program for our client. Our experts are quick and follow an effective eradication method that leaves you free from the inconvenience and fear that fleas bring in your life.

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Do you like to spend time outdoors in the summers and spring? Warm weather will make you feel good, but ticks will also be there in the outdoors, hiding in the grass of your garden and ready to bite. Why would you be worried about fleas? Ticks and fleas are highly responsible for transmitting several serious diseases to both animals and humans. Apart from that, fleas are responsible for spreading disease-causing parasites in both animals and humans. When ticks feed, they interact with human blood, which then can cause tick-borne diseases. The effective treatment for the removal and control of ticks is not effective on fleas. Therefore, special treatment according to the cause or the type of pest needs to be designed. In most cases, treatment needs to be extended to the exterior garden and surroundings.

For most people, an infestation of fleas or ticks in the garden can cause anything from mild irritation to severe rashes, pain, aches, and even fever. Even in critical cases, it impacts respiratory arrest and causes life-threatening reactions. Therefore, get proper treatment of fleas or ticks by our professionals. For a free quote, fill the form below.

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