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Fairview Pest Control Guide for your home

Some of our clients asked us about the reasons why older homes usually have more pests than others. We decided to provide our pest control Fairview client with a guide to answer all their questions regarding older homes and pest control.

Why Do Older Homes Have More Pests Than Others?

Here are some of the reasons why older homes usually have more pests.

  • Older homes were built with different standards than newer ones.
  • The structures of older homes attract more pests than newer homes.
  • Older homes are usually full of cracks and openings where pests and insects can find their way into them.
  • They usually do not have young persons or big families.

How Can You Prevent Pest Infestations in Old Homes?
The first thing to do in order to prevent pest infestations and fix the house problems is to seal up all the cracks and holes in the walls and around the property in general. You can search for the best Fairview pest control company and hire its experts to inspect your place and provide you with a full report about pest infestations and how to deal with them.

You can also try to seal up the entry points by yourself. Just make sure to understand the nature of your home invaders. Insects need tiny holes to have access into your home while mice and rodents need bigger holes. Concrete, silicone, and caulk are perfect, and sometimes, you may need tin flashing to close large holes.

Furthermore, you need to take care of your windows and doors. Make sure that your windows and doors can be closed properly and that there are no cracks or holes around them since they can allow all kinds of pests and insects inside your Adelaide home.

To check that your doors and windows are properly sealed up, turn on the lights inside your home at night, get out, and check the windows and doors from the outside. If you notice light passing through any cracks, seal them up.

Another common mistake that we see a lot is when people try to fix their old homes without having a termite inspection and treatment first. Literally, all the repairs will be part of the infestation and you will have to repair everything again.

What Should I Do About Water Problems?

Water is one of the main problems when it comes to pest control and infestations. Leaks, drainage, gutters, and all other water problems attract all kinds of pests and insects.

Water leads to mold and fungi, which are among the best food sources for insects and pests. Besides, it makes it easier for them to penetrate construction materials, which allows more insects and pests to have access inside your home.

The first thing to do is to clean out the gutters to allow water to flow properly and reduce the risk of potential damages to your wooden structures.

In addition, your place should have a proper drainage system that takes all the water away from your place. This way, you will reduce the number of insects and pests attracted to your property.

If there are any leaks, take your time and fix all of them properly. This will have a significant impact on the pests and insects living inside your home. Without water, they will have to leave and search for moisture-enriched areas. The drier your home is, the less interesting it will be for pests and insects.

If your home is old and you need an expert to inspect it and make sure that it is pest-free, The Local Guys Fairview Team is here for you. At The Local Guys, we have the proper experience and knowledge to handle any pest control problems including inspecting and treating old homes. Contact us now if you need more information about our services.

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