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How to identify and control Silverfish?

Silverfish is an insect that has long, flattened, and slender and brown silver bodies. It is quite broad at the front and gradually taper down to the rear end.  You can easily find silverfish in any part of the country. But it is often seen in areas high in heat and humidity, like bathtubs. Silverfish eat grains present in your pantry, but they can also chew holes in clothing’s, upholstery or stored documents. To prevent silverfish infestation, it is recommended to eliminate all possible sources where excessive moisture is present, like condensation areas, faulty plumbing and much more. Silverfish prefer humidity; therefore, with a dehumidifier, you can reduce the moisture content in the air, which is essential for the growth of silverfish. But if it has made itself at home in your house, it is hard to control the situation. It is recommended to call professional support once you know about the presence of silverfish in the property. At The Local Guys – Pest Control, we have an experienced and professional team who can easily bring the entire situation in control.

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At The Local Guys – Pest Control, we allow our experts to perform detailed research about the pest and its behaviour so that whatever decisions they will be taken will be effective. If you already have a silverfish problem on your property, then you need our professional support. Our professionals will utilize standard exclusion techniques; and if we find it essential, we can also use a combination of chemicals, but it will be eco-friendly and won’t cause you any side effects.

How we treat Silverfish problems?

Silverfish have no wings, but it can’t run that fast. It is so small in size that many a time, we ignore its presence. But if you carefully notice their feeding marks, then you can see holes, surface etchings or notches along an edge.  Getting rid of silverfish can be serious business because these are nocturnal creatures and normally roam around the home late in the night, hunting for water and food. Their flat bodies make them ideal hider capable of hiding even in the small cervices and cracks during the daylight hours. Therefore, professional support is required. Our experts will determine the most effective method for the extermination of the problem. We have trained our professionals to manage silverfish. Every home is different, so are our solutions; we design our unique program according to the situation.

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