Adelaide Council Suburb List

  1. Adelaide
  2. North Adelaide


Adelaide is a hub of excitement for the 1.7 million South Australians that live in S.A. With great weather and a beautiful CBD, it’s no wonder why we are the most livable cities in the world!

History of Adelaide

The Council started in 1840 with nineteen members, who chose four of their number to be Aldermen, and then one of these (James Hurtle Fisher) to be Mayor. In 1852 the municipality was divided into four wards. Three Councillors and one Alderman were chosen, who in turn selected the Mayor. In 1861 the Mayor was chosen by all the electors and the position of Alderman was temporarily abolished. In 1873 the municipality was divided into six Wards, each represented by two Councillors. In 1880 the office of Alderman was recreated; they were chosen by electors of all Wards. The office of Mayor was raised to the stature of Lord Mayor by Royal Letters Patent in 1919. The Lord Mayor received the right to be styled ‘The Right Honourable’ in 1927.

The Arms of the City of Adelaide were granted by the Heralds College in 1929. In 1982 the Council approved the design of the Armorial Flag.

In 2015, the Council became the first government of any kind in Australia to offer a financial incentive for installing battery systems.

History info thanks to Wikipedia.

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