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Rat Control Services

Mice and Rats not only spread diseases but also contaminate food. Rats can easily crawl through electrical wirings and walls, causing destruction among the residential or commercial property. At The Local Guys – Pest Control, we have pest specialists who can easily address the problems at the entry-level from entry points to perimeters areas to sites of their nesting and much more.

Mice and rats contain deadly parasites present in their body can easily spread many dangerous diseases in humans like typhus, plague, server food poisoning and rat bite fever. Our professionals can smell the presence of rats on the property from miles away. We know every property is different and unique on its own. Therefore we take time and customize the solution to fit its needs. We address all sorts of problems at every level through the combination of countermeasures, like inspection of site, exclusion, site sanitization, and ongoing monitoring and maintenance. If the condition becomes out of control, we can use a combination of traps to monitor and control the population.

The Local Guys – Pest Control- Effective solution for the rat’s control

At The Local Guys – Pest Control, we understand how property owners will feel if they find out if some creepy and wild pests are present in their house. They will first think about their and their family’s protection. In such a situation, don’t waste a day and schedule a site inspection. Our trained and experienced experts will put your concern about rodents behind.

Rat & Mice pest control, can be a real problem especially in Winter. This is because they are looking for a warm place to hide in the cooler temperature.


How to tell if you have a Mouse, Rat or Possum in your roof?

People are always asking, what is that in my roof?! There are many things that it could be but generally it’s one of 3 things, either a Mouse, Rat or a Possum. Normally because it’s moving around in the roof, it sounds a lot louder that it actually is. We have a saying: if it sounds like Rat its a normally a Mouse, if it sounds like a Possum, its normally a Rat & if it sounds like an Elephant it’s normally a Possum.

Why choose The Local Guys – Pest Control?

Rats are the most adaptable animals present on the earth.  They are 40 per cent of the mammal classes with more than 2230 species identified. So you can estimate the huge population of rats and mice. This is why they easily get in touch with humans and start affecting their lives by intruding on their property.

But this small creature can spread very deadly diseases in humans through their droppings, urine and hair. Single mice can excrete 40 to 100 dropping per year. Besides, rat bites can also become a reason for fatal disease if not treated on time. Some humans can also develop allergic reactions if mice or rats are present on their property. There are millions of reason why rat control is important. With the help of professional support, the result can be achieved easily. We have experience in delivering quality pest control services to our clients. That’s why we choose to solve your problem. For scheduling an onsite inspection, you can call The Local Guys – Pest Control services at 13 11 05 or email

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