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The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart local team has been providing the best pest control services for over a decade. Our local experts provide safe and effective pest control solutions for our clients in Hobart and all over Australia.
Our Pest Control Hobart Technicians know that area and are committed to keeping our clients safe by making the places where they live and work pest-free.
Hobart’s cool climate is perfect for rodents to breed while searching for food and warmth in addition to other household pets.
Our experts provide residential, commercial, and industrial treatment solutions. They have done work at all kinds of properties including homes, schools, factories, offices, warehouses, and many others.

The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team will provide you with the best preventative pest control plan in addition to a full report, a Certificate of Compliance, and the best follow-up services including notifying clients when the next appointment is due.

Our Pest Control Service Includes:

  • A thorough inspection of your place for pest signs and identifying the problematic species, which are two vital steps for the proper pest treatment.
  • An in-depth pest treatment of your property using the necessary equipment, techniques, and products.
  • Once we complete the task, we will provide you with a full detailed report of the findings, what we have done, and our recommendations to keep your property pest-free.
  • Follow-up services include a free-period service guarantee. We will come back to your place for free if the problem is not over.
  • Our follow-up services include a reminder to our clients. When the next appointment is due, we will contact you.
  • Our clients love the fact that when they decide to work with The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart, they are also supporting World Vision Australia. A $5 donation is made when every job is complete.

We Are Hobart Locals!

The Local Guys is one of the biggest and highly recommended family-owned pest management companies in Australia. Our Pest Control Hobart Team provides all-time cost-effective and customer-satisfied pest control services using the safest products, latest technologies, and best techniques.
Our Pest Control Hobart Team is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. Despite operating in a very competitive industry and area, they have built a strong customer base and a great reputation.

The Local Guys – Pest Control takes tremendous pride in protecting Hobart, Launceston, Devonport, Burnie, and other areas for more than 10 years from unwanted pests and harmful insects.

All our pest control services are done by a team of the finest and most skilled technicians operating under both Australian and international standards.

To ensure the safety and protection of both our technicians and clients, The Local Guys is completely insured, and our Pest Control Hobart Team is licensed and certified to serve the entire country.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Choose The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart?

The pest control industry is highly competitive and the number of pest control companies working in Hobart is countless. However, The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart team has been the best there and built an outstanding reputation due to the following reasons:



  • Highly Qualified Exterminators: The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Technicians are highly qualified to handle any kind of pest infestation. They are experienced and have been dealing with pest problems for a long time, which means that they have seen all kinds of problems.
    In addition, our exterminators get regular training to keep their knowledge updated all the time about the latest methods and techniques in the industry.
  • Fair Prices: Our prices are fair and competitive. Unlike major pest control companies, The Local Guys do not overprice or have any hidden fees.
  • Free Service Period Guarantee: We offer a free service period guarantee after each job to give our clients the peace of mind that we will come back for free to their homes or businesses if the problem is not over. We have complete trust in our practices, but it is also essential for us to make sure that every job is done perfectly.
  • High Level of Professionalism: The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team includes professional technicians who have been dealing with pest problems for years. They know that having a pest problem is one of the most stressful situations for homeowners and business owners. From the first moment you contact us, we will start working on solving the problem and stay with you until it is over completely.
    We provide the highest level of professionalism and part of being professionals is offering free service periods after treating your place.
    We also care about our clients and their families. When you work with us, you will see how passionate we are about delivering the best services and how much we care about you and your family.
    In conclusion, we do our best to gain our clients’ satisfaction.
  • A Follow-Up Service: Follow-up services indicate how reputable and trusted the pest control company is. The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart team will stay in touch with you to ensure that the problem is gone.

Our clients always say that we are the most passionate workers that have ever seen. That is why they put their complete trust in us and our practices.
The result of this great trust is more work for us. Our loyal clients always refer us to their friends and family members who are having pest problems.
Follow-up services also ensure that our treatment plans have done their purposes without causing any health problems to anyone or damages to your property. We use the safest products and most effective techniques so the possibility of these concerns is rare but it is essential for us to be precautious.
Part of our follow-up services is to remind our clients when they need to inspect and treat their places again. For some clients, it may be difficult to remember such appointments. No worries, we will contact you to keep your property pest-free all the time.

  • Availability: The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team is always here for you. They are ready to handle any situation at any time no matter how small the problem is. Just contact us!
  • Safety First: The main goal for The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team is to make sure the treated places are 100% safe for our clients and their families. It is not only about getting rid of the pests and insects but also about using the right products and techniques during the treatment process.
  • Comprehensive Reports: After completing our job, we provide our clients with full-detailed reports about everything we have found and done at their places in addition to our recommendations to keep the property pest-free all the time.

These reports are loaded with information, but they are simple to read and understand by anyone. We create them in accordance with Australian regulations.
Furthermore, some businesses and homeowners ask us for a “Certificate of Treatment”, especially for termite services. This document is required by some businesses to be compatible with Australian safety standards.

  • The Best Pest Control Services: We have been building our reputation for over 10 years and now, we are Australia’s number one pest control company because of our hard work and optimal results. We are willing to keep this great reputation. That is why we always keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and methods in the pest control industry, use the safest products from the best suppliers, and care about our clients and their problems.
    Our pest control exterminators are highly trained, and they get more training regularly from the equipment manufacturers and the Support Centre to stay highly qualified.

The previous reasons are more than enough to choose The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team. However, there are more reasons including:

  • Supporting an Australian, Family-Owned Business: The pest control industry is known for being highly competitive with many major companies trying to take full control over it. The Local Guys is a local, family-owned business that tries to survive in this competitive environment. By hiring us, you will be supporting a local business, which is important for the Australian community.
  • Dealing Directly with the Business Owners: As we said, we are not a major company. We run our business by ourselves so when you contact us, you will be dealing directly with the owners of the business.
    This is much better than working with companies that have employees doing their job for money because we do not only provide you with the best services, but we also care about you and do our job with passion.
  • Giving Back to Our Community: From the first day, Australian people have been supporting us and constantly trusting us to keep their homes safe and pest-free. As part of returning the favor, we donate $5 for each job we do to World Vision Australia.

Supporting A South Australian Operated Business: Our business is located in South Australia and we have teams covering the whole country. We had many chances over the years to be part of bigger companies, but we wanted to keep providing our clients with the optimal results with passion and care.

What Are Termites?

Termites can be described as wood-destroying insects. Some people and even pest control technicians refer to them as white ants, but they are totally different.

There are three different types of termites: damp wood termites, dry wood termites, and subterranean termites. Damp wood termites usually live in heavily forested areas while dry wood termites live in dry wood. Both of them can cause mild to moderate damages to your property. Subterranean termites are the most dangerous and destructive. They usually live in moist environments and in nature, they usually live in the soil.

Termites usually invade homes in early spring. Sometimes, they can be seen as swarm-like flying ants. If you think that your home has a termite infestation, here are some signs of termite infestations that may help you find out.

Softwood is a sure sign that you may have a termite infestation. Also, if you noticed mud tubes inside or outside your home, especially near the foundation of your property, you may have a termite infestation. Furthermore, dark and/or blistered wood structures may indicate that your place has a termite problem.
If you have any of the previous signs, you should call our Pest Control Hobart Team to come to check.

If you have a termite problem, it is highly recommended not to try to solve it by yourself. In most cases, homeowners do not have the proper experience and knowledge to eliminate termites without professional help. The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team has the proper products and equipment to solve the problem safely and effectively. They will make sure that the problem is truly solved by getting rid of the entire termite infestation.

Of course, you can take additional steps to prevent termite infestation at your pace. The best and most effective thing to do is to remove all the conditions that termites prefer. For example, subterranean termites prefer moisture. Therefore, you should do your best to prevent moisture build-up around your property by making sure that all faucets outside your place are shut off properly and that they are not dripping.

If your home is old, you need to make sure that wooden structures near your place’s foundation are replaced. Ask the previous homeowners if there were any previous termite infestations before you moved in. The more updated your home is, the less likely termites will find their way into it.

Some people consider termites a big problem. Actually, it is but it is not a scary problem. If you managed to prevent them from entering your place, you will be safe. If not, The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team is here for you.

Why Should I Have Termites Treated?

Homeowners usually deal with many maintenance and repairs costs around the years such as roof repair, leaking pipes, and more. Some homeowners consider termite control unnecessary expenses, and they end up wondering if they should devote some money to termite control.

Most homeowners decide to wait and see. You may have encountered a few insects in your basement, but you are not even 100% sure of their species or you may have noticed damages to your wooden structures, but they are not too severe to worry about. These homeowners usually wait until serious damages occur before they take an action and contact The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team.

The fact, termite control is more essential than many other home repairs and maintenances. Termites can cause severe damages in a short amount of time leading to costly repairs. Taking immediate steps for a termite inspection, control, treatment, and prevention can prevent these severe damages and save you a lot of money.

If you think that you have a termite infestation, it is time to contact our Pest Control Hobart Team. Unlike many other pests and insects, termite control is a difficult process that should be done by professional exterminators.

How Do You Treat Termites?

Each situation is different. That is why there is no definite solution for all termite problems. Therefore, The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team will tailor the perfect treatment plan for your unique situation. Our technicians are experts in termite treatment and protection, and they know how to get rid of termite infestations once and for all.

Our Pest Control Hobart Team uses the best and safest pest control products and chemicals from the best suppliers in the industry. Our products will provide you with the optimal results and the highest level of protection for you, your family, and your property. Besides, our exterminators get the highest levels of training to be able to use the latest technologies and most effective techniques.

When it comes to termite treatments and prevention, Exterra is the most reputable and trusted brand in Australia. That is why our experts are accredited to provide and install their products. Exterra products get the job done perfectly. In addition, they provide a $250,000 timber replacement warranty. Therefore, our clients can rest assured that their properties are entirely safe.

Our Pest Control Hobart Team knows that safety is our number one priority. They are highly qualified to handle any kind of pest infestations.
If you have any worries about our products, especially around your pets and children, please talk to our technicians and they will provide you with the peace of mind you need. They will assure you that they will eliminate the entire termite infestation with products that are less toxic than most products in your house. Your kids, pets, and property are safe.
Besides, our techniques are 100% environmentally safe.

If you have a termite situation, do not panic and leave it to our Pest Control Hobart Team. If you suspect that you have a termite infestation, just contact us.

How Long Will It Take before the Termites Are Gone?

Once The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart team applies the right termite treatment, termites will be gone after a few days. Even if there are multiple colonies on your property, it should not take more than 4 to 7 days to get rid of all the termites.

Do I Have to Sign a Contract?

No, you do not have to sign a contract. After our primary treatment, we will provide you with a free service period guarantee. During this period, we will come back to your place for free if the problem is not over and deal with it. We trust our practices. However, the free service period guarantee gives our clients the peace of mind that The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team is here for them.

We also remind our clients when the next treatment is due to keep their places safe. You do not have to sign a contract to keep your place safe.

My Lawn Has Developed Deadish looking Yellow Spots, Do I Have Lawn Beetles?

Probably. It is one of the causes but several other reasons can cause the same problem such as overwatering or underwatering your lawn, fungal problems, and too low cutting that can put a lot of stress on the roots.
Black lawn beetles can leave these yellowish spots because of their larvae.

You can check your lawn for black beetles. They are visible and can be detected by non-professionals. Of course, it is highly recommended to contact The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team to help you get rid of the black beetles’ infestation.

How Long Has the Local Guys Company Been Provide Pest Services in Hobart?

The Local Guys – Pest Control Hobart Team has been providing the best pest control services for over a decade. We have provided our services to all kinds of properties including homes, schools, offices, factories, etc. You can ask our Hobart clients about our services, and we are 100% sure that all of them will recommend us.

Do The Local Guys Have Insurance?

Of course. The Local Guys – Pest Control has both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. Besides, our Pest Control Hobart technicians are insured and licensed.

What Areas Do You Service?

In addition to Hobart, The Local Guys cover many other areas including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra, Gold Coast, and others. No matter where you are, The Local Guys are close to you.

What Pest Control Qualifications Should I Be Looking for in a Pest Control Company?

There are many qualifications that you should look for when you decide to hire a pest control company. The minimum qualification is having a full pest management license. At The Local Guys – Pest Control, all our technicians are licensed and get regular training to stay up to date with the latest technologies and techniques in the pest control industry.

Are Your Technicians Police Checked?

All our technicians undergo Federal Police checks to ensure the complete safety of our clients, their properties, and their belongings.

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