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The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team has been providing the best commercial pest control Perth services for our Perth clients for more than 10 years. This team is one of the finest in the industry and has worked at all kinds of properties, including homes, schools, offices, factories, and many other businesses and facilities.

The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team will not only provide you with the best pest control Sydney but also comprehensive reports, a Certificate of Compliance, and follow-up services after all our jobs, including a reminder when the next appointment is due. Our pest control prices in Perth are also quite affordable.

Our Pest Control Services Include:

  • An in-depth pest control Perth northern suburbs, southern, eastern suburbs inspection of your place for any pest infestation signs.
  • Treating and getting rid of pests and insects using the latest technologies, safest and most effective products, and best techniques.
  • A comprehensive report including all the findings, the treatment process, and any recommendations to prevent pests and insects from coming back.
  • Follow-up mice pest control perth services to ensure that we have done the job perfectly.
  • Reminding our clients when the next inspection and treatment is due.
  • The Local Guys gives back to the Australian community by supporting World Vision Australia. We donate $5 for every completed job. We also offer bee pest control perth services.

Perth Pest Control Services

As part of the Australian community, we have been providing our Perth clients with the highest-quality pest control services for over a decade. According to our Perth clients, our team is one of the best in the industry.
The safety of our clients and their families or employees is our main goal. We follow the best practices and tailor our services depending on every unique situation.
Our services cover many other areas including Subiaco, Vincent, Thornlie, Canning Vale, Como, Scarborough etc.
If you have a pest problem, it is time to contact The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team!

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Our Services




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Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does Your Treatment Take to Show Actual Results?

This depends on many factors including the severity of pest infestation and its type. For example, termite treatment usually takes 2 to 3 weeks until the entire infestation is eradicated. The termites will take the applied treatments to the location of the colony where the treatments work on the larvae.

Why Should You Choose The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth?

Many pest control companies operating in Perth. However, The Local Guys – Perth Control Team has built a great reputation there because of the following reasons:

  • Highly Qualified Exterminators: The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Technicians are highly qualified to handle any kind of pest infestation. They are experienced and have been dealing with pest problems for a long time, which means that they have seen all kinds of problems.
    In addition, our exterminators get regular training to keep their knowledge updated all the time about the latest methods and techniques in the industry.
  • Fair Prices: Our prices are fair and competitive. Unlike major pest control companies, The Local Guys do not overprice or have any hidden fees.
  • Free Service Period Guarantee: We offer a free service period guarantee after each job to give our clients the peace of mind that we will come back for free to their homes or businesses if the problem is not over. We have complete trust in our practices, but it is also essential for us to make sure that every job is done perfectly.
  • High Level of Professionalism: The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team includes professional technicians who have been dealing with pest problems for years. They know that having a pest problem is one of the most stressful situations for homeowners and business owners. From the first moment you contact us, we will start working on solving the problem and stay with you until it is over completely.
    We provide the highest level of professionalism and part of being professionals is offering free service periods after treating your place.
    We also care about our clients and their families. When you work with us, you will see how passionate we are about delivering the best services and how much we care about you and your family.
    In conclusion, we do our best to gain our clients’ satisfaction.
  • A Follow-Up Service: Follow-up services indicate how reputable and trusted the pest control company is. The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth team will stay in touch with you to ensure that the problem is gone.

Our clients always say that we are the most passionate workers that have ever seen. That is why they put their complete trust in us and our practices.
The result of this great trust is more work for us. Our loyal clients always refer us to their friends and family members who are having pest problems.
Follow-up services also ensure that our treatment plans have done their purposes without causing any health problems to anyone or damages to your property. We use the safest products and most effective techniques so the possibility of these concerns is rare but it is essential for us to be precautious.
Part of our follow-up services is to remind our clients when they need to inspect and treat their places again. For some clients, it may be difficult to remember such appointments. No worries, we will contact you to keep your property pest-free all the time.

  • Availability: The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team is always here for you. They are ready to handle any situation at any time no matter how small the problem is. Just contact us!
  • Safety First: The main goal for The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team is to make sure the treated places are 100% safe for our clients and their families. It is not only about getting rid of the pests and insects but also about using the right products and techniques during the treatment process.
  • Comprehensive Reports: After completing our job, we provide our clients with full-detailed reports about everything we have found and done at their places in addition to our recommendations to keep the property pest-free all the time.

These reports are loaded with information, but they are simple to read and understand by anyone. We create them in accordance with Australian regulations.
Furthermore, some businesses and homeowners ask us for a “Certificate of Treatment”, especially for termite services. This document is required by some businesses to be compatible with Australian safety standards.

  • The Best Pest Control Services: We have been building our reputation for over 10 years and now, we are Australia’s number one pest control company because of our hard work and optimal results. We are willing to keep this great reputation. That is why we always keep ourselves updated with the latest technologies and methods in the pest control industry, use the safest products from the best suppliers, and care about our clients and their problems.
    Our pest control exterminators are highly trained, and they get more training regularly from the equipment manufacturers and the Support Centre to stay highly qualified.

The previous reasons are more than enough to choose The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team. However, there are more reasons including:

  • Supporting an Australian, Family-Owned Business: The pest control industry is known for being highly competitive with many major companies trying to take full control over it. The Local Guys is a local, family-owned business that tries to survive in this competitive environment. By hiring us, you will be supporting a local business, which is important for the Australian community.
  • Dealing Directly with the Business Owners: As we said, we are not a major company. We run our business by ourselves so when you contact us, you will be dealing directly with the owners of the business.
    This is much better than working with companies that have employees doing their job for money because we do not only provide you with the best services, but we also care about you and do our job with passion.
  • Giving Back to Our Community: From the first day, Australian people have been supporting us and constantly trusting us to keep their homes safe and pest-free. As part of returning the favor, we donate $5 for each job we do to World Vision Australia.
  • Supporting A South Australian Operated Business: Our business is located in South Australia and we have teams covering the whole country. We had many chances over the years to be part of bigger companies, but we wanted to keep providing our clients with the optimal results with passion and care.

How Long Will Your Ant Treatment Last?

Our ant treatments involve the use of non-repellent liquid insecticides. These products do not kill ants immediately. They allow them to take the treatments to the location of the colony, which makes the treatments more effective since they will get rid of the entire ant colony.
We follow up on our treatment for a while according to the severity of the infestation and make sure that that the treatment is working properly.
Keep in mind that future infestations are possible. Therefore, you will need to inspect and treat your place again before the infestation reoccurs.

If I Have Black Ants, Does This Mean That I Do Not Have Termites?

No, it does not mean that. It is true that black ants attack termites, but termite colonies contain millions of them, and they usually operate in hidden places. In a nutshell, both black ants and termites can coexist.

I Got an Ant Treatment from a Local Hardware Store and It Killed the Ants I Saw, But After a While, They Appeared Again, Why?

Over-the-counter ant treatments such as sprays and powders are usually repellents that kill ants immediately on contact.
The ants you see are just a small portion of the entire colony. Over-the-counter treatments may kill the visible ants, but what about the invisible ones?
Furthermore, these products may force the ants to change their location, which may make them disappear for a while, but they will reappear again in a while.
The best solution for ant infestations is to contact The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team to deal with the problem.

Can I Hose the Beehive in My Backyard to Get Rid of Them?

This can appear as a brave act. But no matter how small the beehive is, hosing the nest will make the bees angry and cause them to swarm. They will get back and form another beehive shortly.

Do You Come and Remove Bee Nests or Do You Just Kill All the Present Bees?

This is an advanced stage so at first, we get rid of all the active bees surrounding the nest. After that, we remove the honeycomb to prevent the formation of other bee colonies by inhabiting the existing nest again in the future. We can also remove the nest completely and provide you with recommendations to prevent the reoccurrence of the problem.

Will the Bees Return After Removing the Nest?

This is rare, but it might happen. Once we remove the nest, the bees will find another place and make a new nest. There is no guarantee that they will not return to your place so once you notice bees in your backyard, contact The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team to inspect the problem before they make a nest.

My Place Is Always Clean, Why Do I Have Bed Bugs?

This is a common problem and we have been seeing it more often. No matter how clean your place is, bed bugs can have access to your home hidden inside suitcases if you have been traveling or via any items purchased from your local stores that may harbor bed bugs.
Keeping your place clean may not prevent bed bugs, but they make it easier to find the source of the infestation.
If the infestation is beyond control, The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team is here for you!

What Does a Bed Bug Bite Look Like?

If you have found bites on your child’s arms or legs, they may be bed bugs’ bites.
Bed bugs’ bites are unique. They are usually small with a raised red pump accompanied by severe itching.
Bed bugs’ bites may look like mosquito bites. However, mosquito bites are usually accompanied by mild itching and do not last for a long time.
Also, bed bugs’ bites should be differentiated from flea bites, which usually have a red dot in their centers while bed bugs’ bites usually appear on shoulders and arms as lines of bites.
Bed bugs can be very hard to treat if the infestation is severe. It also can affect your pets and make them sick. It is important to contact The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team if you suspect that there is an infestation of bed bugs at your home.

Can I Get Rid of Bed Bugs by Vacuuming All The Rooms and Washing My Linens in Hot Water?

It is a good start. All your clothes must be washed, and the shoes need to be cleaned thoroughly. Unfortunately, bed bugs can lay their eggs everywhere, especially in small cracks. Washing and vacuuming may kill the obvious bed bugs, but you will not get rid of the entire infestation, which requires a more aggressive approach.
The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team will help you to get rid of the entire infestation.

How Experienced Are The Local Guys Technicians?

Pest control is not an easy task. It requires many skills including understanding of the different types of pests, knowledge about the environment, and a patient mindset. Our technicians have the proper skills and experience to handle any type of pest problem. They have been in this industry for a long time and have seen nearly all kinds of problems already.

How Did the Pests Come to My Property?

Our pest control Perth technicians have the proper knowledge about pests and insects’ behaviors including how they breed, originate, and spread. This knowledge allows them to locate the sources of pest infestations. Eliminating a few pests without getting rid of the main source will not solve the problem completely. Furthermore, our pest controllers are aware that several pests can coexist at the same time.
Our Pest Control Perth technicians will inspect your place thoroughly and tell you how the pests managed to get into your place to prevent any future infestations.

How to Stop Pigeons and Doves from Landing on Window Ledges?

Birds, especially pigeons and doves congregating on window ledges are common, especially at offices in older buildings. The main complaint of our clients is the collection of feces, which usually makes the entire building look ugly and unappealing to clients.
The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team can use many techniques to stop birds from landing on your window ledges including spikes and visual deterrents.

What Is Bird Proofing?

Warehouses are one of the best places for birds to live. They usually enter through the loading dock, leave dropping around the warehouses, and build their nests in the roof. Of course, it is not a practical solution to close the loading bay.
Bird proofing is the solution for the previous case scenario. It is the most effective way to block the birds’ entry into warehouses and industrial premises.
The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth team will configure the netting, so it blocks the entry point for the birds without impeding workers. Besides, mesh barriers can be used to close other entry points permanently.

How Can You Stop Pigeons from Invading My Warehouse?

Pigeons and other birds invading a property, especially commercial ones such as warehouses, can be a major threat for the workers since they can cause serious health issues. This threat must be controlled quickly and effectively before causing any health issues. For example, dried feces may release fumes that cause respiratory problems to some workers. Besides, the accumulation of bird droppings on the building can cause severe damages to its structures.
In these cases, in addition to spikes and netting, more aggressive methods can be used such as baiting. The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team has a great bird control experience, and they will help you with your problem no matter what.

If I Noticed a Large Black Cockroach Inside My House, Does This Mean I Have a Cockroach Colony Somewhere?

In most cases, these large black ones are outdoor cockroaches. They can fly so they probably entered your home by crawling or flying inside. It is uncommon for this type of cockroaches to build nests inside homes.

I Have Small Brown Cockroaches and Large Black Ones Inside My Home, Is There a Big Difference?

The small brown ones are German cockroaches which are more dangerous than the big black cockroaches.
Black cockroaches tend to live outside and may enter your home occasionally. On the other hand, small cockroaches are indoor insects that invade your home looking for warmth and shelter. They will stay, breed, and spread all over your place. You will find them around dirty areas, sinks, and drawers.
Once you start noticing small brown cockroaches, it is time to contact The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team for proper cockroach treatment.

How Soon Can The Local Guys – Pest Control Team Come to My Home?

The Local Guys – Pest Control Perth Team is probably in your neighborhood or close by thanks to our fleet of vehicles. All our technicians are also available via their phones to be able to respond quickly to our clients.
Besides, The Local Guys has great customer support. We pride ourselves on quick and efficient one-call scheduling to provide our clients with the peace of mind they need in this situation. Also, if the situation is urgent, our technicians can provide same-day services.
No matter where you live or how small the problem is, The Local Guys- Pest Control Perth Team is just one phone call away!

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