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Possum Removal Company

The Local Guys – Pest Control is the best pest control company. We offer possum control and removal services for our customers. We place traps to catch and remove all possums present, either in residential or commercial properties.

Apart from that, we arrange so that possums won’t return to your property. We give a warranty of our work that possum treatments are permanent. In general, Possums are non-threatening animals. The appeal in someone’s private property is the hunt for food and shelter. In this process, they often begin conflict with humans like getting in the trash cans, eating your garden or taking refuge inside your roof.

It is obvious for you to take action if any wild animal takes up residence in-home for the sake of your family’s safety. You don’t need to wait anymore. Call The Local Guys – Pest Control for the effective possum’s control and removal services.



The Local Guys – Pest Control- the best possums control and removal services

The Local Guys – Pest Control is the best pest control service in the country.

We have trained professionals who can handle possums and take them out of your property. Our professional knows how dangerous these small creatures can be.

They can even kill young domestic pets when they are provoked extremely with their sharp teeth. Therefore it is not at all recommended to get in contact with these little creatures directly. Call our experts for assistance.


We always remove & release all Possums in line with Australian guidelines and to the government standards.



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The Local Guys – Pest Control is a renowned company in this field. We are the part of the pest control industry for years. Therefore have access to the advanced gadgets and tools required to perform critical tasks like controlling and removing possums from private property.

Possums are harmless creatures, and it is excellent to have them around the house. They will clear your garbage, feed on the harmful pests and have charming tails, but despite all these features, these options are not sufficient to allow them to enter your property. Therefore schedule our possum control and removal services. You can request the quote at 13 11 05 or email We will get back to you soon.

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