How to protect your garden from pests?

How to protect your garden from pests?

Those who love gardening, they always want to keep their garden pest and disease free. There are so many ways you can protect your garden from pests. We have mentioned some tricks that you can apply to make your garden pest free. Check the details below:

 How to Protect Your Garden from Pests?
Clean debris from plants:

If you go for proper sanitization and clean debris regularly from plants, then you can win the half war. By this way, you can spot the hidden pests and provide your garden a protection layer. There may be some bugs in your garden that are visible to you, it is a good idea to pick these bugs off your plants to keep you garden pests free.

Make sturdy fences:

If it is about protecting your garden from larger pests, then you need to make sturdy fences.

Add beneficial insects:

You might be having harmful insects in your garden, so you can add some beneficial and good insects to eat these harmful insects.  You can add honeybee, dragonfly, lacewings, hoverfly, ladybugs and more.

Natural spray works:

Salt spray, mineral oil and garlic spray can be the natural options to controls bugs in your garden.

Cover plants:

You can use row covers to protect your plants. By this way, you can keep the pests away from the plants. You can also use PVC hoops and wire over the plants. This can be the easiest way to make the garden risk free. Sometimes, birds can destroy your crop like strawberry, so you should use plant net to protect them.

Put enough space between plants:

If you do not put enough spacing between the plants, you are offering a suitable breeding ground to pests.  Plants should be planted at a suitable distance, so that they can breathe easily and get enough airflow.

Crop rotation:

If you plan same crop every year, bugs will know where to go to feed. You should plant different crop every year in order to reduce the risk.

Pull weeds:

If you see weeds in your garden, you should pull them quickly. They can give disease and pests a suitable breeding ground.

Consider planting smelly herbs:

There are some bugs that hate smelly herbs, so you can consider planting those herbs including fennel, mint, lemongrass, basil, citronella and more.

Keep plants healthy:

You should ensure that your plants are health and strong as such plants are less susceptible to disease or pests. They have own defence for pests or bugs. You should plant healthy plants in right direction using healthy soil. Use right compost to support root system.

Use professional pest control services:

There are so many reliable pests control companies. You can hire best team to take care of pests in your garden. They use their vast experience, knowledge and suitable tools to make your garden bugs or disease free. So, what are you waiting for?

These are few tricks to keep plants healthy and disease free. Hope you like the post!