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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs? – Pest Control Golden Grove Guide 

Bed Bugs usually hide in mattresses and couches. Unfortunately, bed bugs infestations are usually discovered when they start biting. 

This Local Guys Pest Control Golden Grove guide will help you to prevent and get rid of bed bugs. 

How to Know for Sure That You Have Bed Bugs at Your Home? 

Bed Bugs are small in size. These insects feed on our blood and they leave these itchy bites behind and may even cause rashes for people with sensitive skin.
Bed bugs are not dangerous for most people. However, they can cause severe allergic reactions for people who are allergic to them.

Because of their small sizes, bed bugs are hard to discover and they can live for weeks at your place without realizing that there is an infestation there. Most people discover that there is an infestation when they start getting bites. Others find out when their sheets start developing a foul odor. 

Here are some signs that indicate that you have a bed bug infestation. 

  • Tiny blood stains. 
  • Reddish or brownish stains on your white sheets. 
  • Fecal stains. 
  • Bed bugs eggs. 
  • Bed bugs shell casings. 

What Is the Main Cause of Bed Bugs?

Most people think that bed bugs are attached to dirty places, which is not true. They can still exist and reproduce even if your place is clean because they hitchhikers that sneak into home from other places such as: 

  • Hotels 
  • Public Transport 
  • Stores 
  • Workplaces 
  • Others’ houses.

How to Prevent Bed Bugs Infestations?

There are many ways to prevent bed bugs infestations. Here are 6 ways. 

  • Keep Your Clothes in Vacuum-Sealed Bags

It is highly recommended to keep your clothes in vacuum-sealed bags, especially when travelling. This way, you will prevent bed bugs and other insects from invading your luggage. Most bed bugs’ infestations start by staying in hotels. 

  • Vacuum Regularly 

Vacuuming on a regular basis can prevent bed bugs from becoming an infestation. In addition to mattresses, bed bugs can stay in carpets and couches. After finishing vacuuming, get rid of the waste to prevent bed bugs from finding their way into your home again. 

  • Clean Cluttered Areas 

Messy areas are not the favorite places for bed bugs. However, they are perfect for them to hide. Cluttered areas near walls are usually the place where most insects and pests hide. The fewer the cluttered areas in your home are, the easier it will be to remove infestations from your home completely.

  • Cover Your Mattresses 

Bed bugs are mainly found in beds, obviously. Therefore, covering your mattresses can prevent bed bugs infestations. It is important to make sure that the coverings are durable and cover the mattresses completely and securely. Make sure that there are not any holes of folds, especially near the zipper. 

  • Get Your Pets Checked for Bugs 

Bed bugs do only affect humans but also pets such as dogs and cats. In other words, your pet may be the source of the bed bug infestation. Besides, it will be bitten and may get sick. Therefore, it is important to check your pet for bed bugs, especially if you found any signs of bed bugs infestations. 

  • Check Your Secondhand Items Well 

Make sure to check your secondhand items carefully for bed bugs’ signs, especially clothes, furniture, and electronic devices. 

How Do You Get Rid of Bed Bugs Completely?

If you found out that you have a bed bugs’ infestation at your place, try the previous tips and check again. If the infestation is severe and you cannot deal with it, The Local Guys Pest Control Golden Grove Team is here for you. Contact us for a professional inspection and extermination of your place’s infestations.

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