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The Top Three Questions We Get Asked About Our Pest Control Modbury Services 

Unless you have a pest control problem, you probably haven’t thought about pest control services at all. If you have found some unsavory guests at your home, it is time to give the Local Guys – Pest Control Modbury team a call. Our clients asked us many questions. Here are the answers to some of the most common questions we usually have. 

1.Are Pest Control Treatments Safe for My Kids and Pets? 

To be honest, there are no safe chemicals. However, safe practices make the chemicals safer. At the Local Guys, the safety of your loved ones is our priority and we know that it is only about making the home pest-free but also about using the safest products.
We get our products and chemicals from the best suppliers in the industry and they are supposed to be safe for humans and most pets. 

In other words, our main goal is to solve your pest problem while keeping the risk of getting exposed to chemicals as low as possible. Even if the products are marketed as safe to humans and pets, we still have to be cautious.
We use the right amounts of materials by carefully inspecting your place, finding the pests’ locations, and apply the treatments at the targeted areas using the safest and least toxic products possible. 

The good news is that we do not apply chemicals randomly at your home, which makes the treatment process a lot safer than applying the products by yourself. Most homeowners just apply the chemicals without truly inspect their places. 

The Local Guys – Pest Control Modbury Team is highly trained to deal with any kind of pest problems carefully and smartly. We avoid applying chemicals in areas where your family, kids, and pets usually use them. 

2.Will The Pests Be Gone Forever After the First Treatment? 

In a nutshell, in some cases, the answer is yes while in other cases, the answer is no. Getting rid of your pest infestation depends on many factors such as the level of infestation and its type. 

The Local Guys – Pest Control Modbury Team will do everything they can to remove the pests from your home safely, quickly, and effectively. Once our technicians inspect your place, they will provide you with a reasonable idea about the time the treatment process needs to get rid of the problem completely. 

3.What Materials Will Be Used? 

We use a wide variety of products and materials for different kinds of infestations including liquids, dusts, gels, solid bait blocks, aerosols, and other chemicals and materials. We put a lot of attention into the products we use, even the organic ones, to make sure that they are effective and safe at the same time. 

Our technicians are highly trained to use the best products and chemicals according to the type of infestation. Besides, they know which tools should be used, the best techniques that must be applied, and which areas need to be treated to get rid of both visible and invisible pests and insects.

Why The Local Guys – Pest Control Modbury Team?

The Local Guys has been in the pest control industry for over 10 years. We are passionate about our job and committed to protecting our clients’ homes and businesses. 

If you have a question about our services, contact us and ask for more information. Of course, if you have a pest control problem, it is time to hire a professional pest control company to solve it. The Local Guys – Pest Control Modbury Team is here for you. 

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